Spring season 2023 belt test dates and camps

Written by Simo Siltanen on February 07, 2023

In this message, we have compiled important dates (belt exams, vacation times, etc.) The calendars may still be updated and more events might appear later. We always announce them separately.

CHILDREN’S SUMMER CAMP IN ITIS 5.-9.6 (more information here)

WONDO ESPOO (belt exams and important dates)

15.3. Belt test for children (7-14 years) in Tapiola (More information here)

17.4 Belt test for Lagstad’s 4-6 year old group

4.5. Belt tests for children (7-14 years) in Olari and Tapiola

17.5. Belt tests for Leppävaara groups in Tapiola (excl. 4-6y &+14 years)

13.5. Belt tests for adults and youth (+14 years old) in Tapiola

26.5. Belt tests for the Kannusillanmäki group

27.5. Belt tests for adults and youth (+14 years old) in Tapiola

Last shifts by practice location:

  • Tapiola – continues until Midsummer (separate schedule for June)
  • Kannu – continues until the end of May
  • Ruusutorppa – Wed 10.5.
  • Kuitinmäki – Sun 14.5.
  • Päivänkehrä- Thu 11.5.
  • Lagstad – Mon 24.4. (possibility to continue training in other groups)

No children’s taekwondo classes during the winter vacation (week 8). For adults the basic course is organized normally as well as sunday poomse class.

During the Easter holiday, 7-10 April. no exercises

Vappu 30.4.-1.5. no classes

Olarin lystit 23.4. (The classes in Kuitinmäki will be moved to Tapiola)

On Mother’s Day 14.5. and Pentecost 28.5. classes normally.

WONDO HELSINKI (belt exams and season dates)

27.2. Belt test in Pihlajamäki

18.3. and 27.5. Belt test in Itis (Adults)

25.3. and 20.5. Belt test in Itis (children’s and youth groups 7-14y)

10.5. Belt test in Itis (4-6 year old Wednesday group)

12.5. Belt test in Lauttasaari

14.5. Belt test in Itis (4-6 years Sunday group)

17.5. Belt test in Pihlajamäki

23.5. Belt test in Latokartano

29.5 Belt test in Pasila

Last shifts by practice location:

  • At Itis – trainings continue until the end of May. (For adults different schedule in June)
  • Lauttasaari 26.5.
  • Latokartano 23.5.
  • Pasila 29.5.
  • Pihlajamäki 24.5.

During the winter vacation (week 8), there are no children’s exercises. Adults’ exercises as usual.

During the Easter holiday, 7-10 April. no classes.

Vappu 30.4.-1.5. no exercises

On Mother’s Day 14.5. and Pentecost 28.5. trainings normally.