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Fees and payments

Our club believes that everyone has the right to exercise, therefore we aim to maintain our prices reasonable for everyone. The quality of the services however isn’t something we bargain with.

The training fees of 2023 can be seen below. If you have something to ask about the fees and payment, please contact our team workers.

You can also pay to us via Smartum and Edenred payment. Please contact about this alternative payment to our club’s economic services: talouspalvelut@wondo.fi.

Note, you can only use Smartum (and other alternative payments) for your own, personal training invoices. You are not able to use these payment methods for your family members or children’s fees/payments.

Club annyal membership payment 1.1.-31.12.202330 €
Beginner’s course (inc. membership paym. for 2023)135 €
Training invoice seasonal*: children under 7-year-olds135 €
Training invoice seasonal*: children over 6-year-olds160 €
Training invoice seasonal*: adults over 13 years of age200 €

*seasonal payment means either Spring season or Autumn season training invoice payment. Spring season starts in January until May, Autumn season starts in August and ends in December (dates might change annually)


Our club offers family discount of 20% from the training invoice for the family’s second and more members participating to the training. Family discount will be given to members who live in the same household or otherwise share a custody for example. If the training invoices differ by price, the discount will be given to the cheaper training invoice.