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Wondo is the largest taekwondo community in the metropolitan area!

Wondo provides taekwondo training in Helsinki and Espoo area in several locations. In Helsinki you can train in Itäkeskus, Tapiola, Laajasalo, Latokartano, Pasila, Lauttasaari and Pihlajanmäki. In Espoo you can train in Olari, Espoon keskus and Leppävaara. Find you closest dojang here.

Wondo provides high quality taekwondo teaching for over 700 trainees from beginners to top athletes. High quality comes from our educated and experienced instructors. The sports services for children and youth are lead by highly educated teachers.

Taekwondo is an old Korean combat sport that is oriented in kicking techniques. We at Wondo teach taekwondo for all ages, our youngest trainees are 4-year-olds, and our oldest are already over 50 years of age.

One of our club’s core values in training is to develop and maintain a balanced combination of physical, mental and social health of our members. We also teach cool jumping kicks and self-defense skills for our trainers in order to develop within the sport and the belt degrees.

Whether you aim for better physical condition without any certain goals, or try to find a training group where you want to start competing as an athlete all the way up to Olympics, taekwondo as a sport provides both these paths. Most importantly, we will teach and guide you to achieve both your own goals in physical training and some effective combat sport skills.

Our training consists of learning new skills, sweating and having a fun time training for both children and adults. Come and try out for training for free for two weeks!


Our training groups for adults are for everyone +14-year-olds. We have two beginners course, one in Helsinki Itäkeskus twice a week, and one in Espoo Tapiola twice a week. You can train once or twice a week according to your own schedule, and in the gym nearest to you.

For beginners course you don’t need any training background from martial arts. Experience from sports in general are beneficial, but you will learn and improve your physical condition along the training, so don’t worry. You can try out the training twice for free before enrolling to the course.

For free try out, please fill in the enrolling form below and you’re good to enter the training.

If you like the training, we will send you an invoice via email. If you wish not to continue on the course, please let us know via email.

For the first try out, you only need sporty and flexible clothes (t-shirt and shorts or leggings) and a water bottle. We train bare feet on tatami.


After finishing our beginners course and graduating at the first belt test, you can continue training in the advanced course. There are two advanced training groups: one for lower belts (yellow-green belts) and one for higher belts (blue-black belts). From the beginners course you can continue in the lower belt grades course (in the training calendar as KeVi-group).


Children have training groups based on age and belt levels.
– 4-6-year-olds – 7-9-year-olds – 10-13-year-olds
Find out which of our gym is nearest to you, and come for a free try out. You can enroll for a free try out here below. You will be contacted as soon as possible for more information.


If you’re not sure where to start, or you have some other questions, you can email mari@wondo.fi or call / +358405435381.