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Training places

The adresses to our Helsinki training places are here below. The adresses to our Espoo training places you can find at the bottom of the page.


ITÄKESKUS (own dojang):
Asiakkaankatu 3 B, 3.krs, 00930 Helsinki

The entrance is located at the street level, and door will open with a buzzer.

Pasila elementary school. Savonkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki

Latokartano elementary school side buildingLeskirouva Freytagin kuja 9, 00790 Helsinki

Lauttasaari church gym, Myllykallionrinne 1, 00200 Helsinki
Drumsö lågstadieskola/elementary school, Tallbergin puistotie 12, 00200 Helsinki

Pihlajamäki primary school, Lucina Hagmanin kuja 3, 00710 Helsinki


Kannusillanmäen väestösuoja (air-raid shelter), Kannusillankatu 4, 02770 Espoo
Entrance to the shelter from the street level in the underground. In the hall lobby you can ask for guidance to the gym from the hall reception worker.

Lagstads skola, Espoonkatu 7, 02770 Espoo

Entrance to the gym is from the street level, and the gym is located at the third floor. You can ask help from the school building’s reception worker.

Ruusutorppa school, Leppävaarankatu 24, 02600 Espoo

The training is located in the school building’s hall 2A.

Tapiolan Tuulimäen väestösuoja, Itätuulenkuja 9, 02100 Espoo.


Päivänkehrä school, Päivänkehräntie 2, 02210 Espoo
Kuitinmäki school (Building 2), Kuitinkuja 4, 02210 Espoo

The entrance to the school gym is located from the opposite side to the parking lot. From there, you need to circle around the school building and there at the opposite side you will find the glass entrance door.

Espoo Christian school, Matinkartanontie 13, 02230 Espoo

Entrance to the school gym is from the back yard / playground side of the building. Walk through the parking lot towards the playground through a gate. The gym door is the first door on the left after the gates.